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We Need You!

By C. Rakt Eis, 11/21/11, 11:16PM CST


The AHSGHBC (more popularly known as The Booster Club) is currently seeking courageous volunteers to share their time, talents and camaraderie as a member of the Booster Club Board of Directors.

Currently, positions are available as Fundraising Director, Print/AV Director, Locker Room/Equipment Director and Freshman Liaison.  Terms vary in length from 1 to 2 years.  Full position descriptions are available on the Contacts Tab above.

Past directors have left a legacy of Huskies Spirit by setting in place the groundwork for what we have today.  Please take the time to do your part!  You will be surprised by how much you have to offer, and by how much fun it is to delegate work to those who try to be wallflowers!

Contact an AHSGHBC (Gesundheit!!) Board Member today and get in the game!